Games Arena

Date: 9/13/2019

By Daniel.Forde

I have had this dream several times before it is set up in this huge square shaped arena with a giant cliff like jumping platform and trampolines on the opposite side from the entrance which is a inflated tube it's like one of those giant inflatable slides but this one is just a tube, I quite often have this dream but this time I went shopping with one of my friends first but he left me to go home so I went to the little shop that leads to the arena complex but this time it has staff and other people inside so I payed my fee and went down the tube. Usually this place would be empty and have nothing except for the in-ground trampolines and the tall climbing platforms to jump from about 30 metres up onto the trampolines but this time the place was filled with really friendly people playing laser tag and the arena was filled with fun obstacles and minigames eventually after a lot of laser tag I became really good friends with one of the "strangers" and we would always hang out in the arena and have so much fun but I can't remember him except for the fact he had brown hair and his name started with a J or a k. After a lot of laser tag there was a competition thing coming up and I remember we practiced so much for it but I woke up before the dream concluded with and ending. After thoughts: I have dreams about the arena 3-4 times a week but it's always just me jumping of the ledge into the trampolines by myself or with like one other person