Too many dogs, I'm too shy and I'm like a dog

Date: 4/15/2017

By richilye

I was in my old bedroom, there was a girl and she teached me something, unfortunately I don't remember what she said. ----- 🎬 I was in an apartment , the living room looked like my grandmother's, but there were lots of dogs in there. Specially in the other room, it was long, around 10 meters long, and a sofa that extended from one side to another. On the ground lots of dogs run around and play, in some cases there was someone playing with them, on the next room there were dogs being trained to be guards. They looked dangerrous, I even felt a bit scared of approaching them, but when I did, they got happy. I was back at the room with the big sofa, there was someone explaining me about the place, when two dogs escaped from somewhere, then they approached me, the girl told me to not approach them, 'cos they were twin tiger dogs, they were normal dogs that looked exactly like a tiger, they approached me and started to lick me, then I pet them, meanwhile the girl had an open mouth in confusion. ----- 🎬 I arrived at some house, "that girl" was there (the one that appears in most of my dreams). It seema like it was her family's house, I went inside with my family, I didn't talk to the girl at when I came inside, 'cos I was sort of embarrassed(?) , more people from her family were arriving, I went to the kitchen and ate something, lots of weird foods, the ones I wanted my mom didn't let me eat, she said I needed to sign my name somewhere first. The people from her family said I could take it, but I thought it was better not to. I was going to the living room and try to talk to her, ahe had my dog on her shoulder, then she went to take care of the kids, I didn't go after her 'cause I was being shy and couldn't talk to her. I did some things and night arrived, it was sleep time, I still haven't talked to her, I wanted to try talking now, but it was too late. Had to go to sleep... ---- 🎬 I was in my home chasing a small white dog, then I got to the kitchen and my mom was making food, when a Tv program started, she then tried calling them, and succeeded , she could make any question, but intead she asked how to make my dad stop eating, I don't remember what they said. My mom went to the pooll area and sat on a small wall, the dog wanted to play more, so I chased it again, this time she went and jumped in my mom is arms. then my mom started talking to me, then she said I was like a dog and that's why they like me. I asked why I was like a dog, then she that's because I can endure and stand lots of pain like them. END.