Grocery store killer 3

Date: 5/12/2019

By jaderaid

Back in the dream. Knew what was about to happen. Had my keys and ran outside. But this time the shooter had crashed every two cars into each other. I knew he knew his cars because it was a professional like job. The front of my car was smashed into the front side of another. I tried to drive it but no luck, the front dragged on the ground. I grabbed my dohka out of the car but the pipe was bent due to him crashing my car. I tried to smoke from it but it was near impossible. Ppl began rushing out, showing me it began to happen again. I ran to the back of the parking lot where Giovanni and, crap I forgot who else, hopefully I'll remember, drove by in a van. I got them to pick me up. I saw saylee running out of the entrance so I got them to rush by and scoop her up. I pulled out my dream journal. I think it was purple. It was a notebook u flip from the top. It was full of pretty stickers like lisa Frank. They asked what I was doing. I said logging this dream so I can hopefully defeat him in the next one. Once I finished logging I woke myself up.