Date: 8/11/2017

By 1o0Cactus

I was Noodle from Gorillaz during Phase 2. Murdoc was abusing 2-D, Russel trying to stop them fighting, etc. We recorded the video for Feels Good Inc. and it felt amazing. The whole point of the windmill was to make 2-D believe you can feel good without the darkness of drugs and sex, and I got attached to the flying machine easily. Later that day in Kong we were discussing what to do for El Mañana with Jamie. Everything was planned out, I was supposed to be having fun on the Windmill and get shot out of the sky. All an act, All easy peasy. The day came and we started recording. When the helicopters came around, it was the people that were hired to fly them. I ran inside and waited out the shooting, the bullets flying past my face through the walls. I heard an explosion from over me and the heat was unbearable. Terrified I walked back outside to see the Windmill was on fire. I looked back to the ground to see 2-D's eyes were white instead of the glossy black, Russel was shaking and Murdoc, Murdoc was simply laughing. I heard the roar of the helicopters returning and ran back inside the flaming windmill, and that was when everything fell apart. The whole thing started to fall from the sky and from the doorway of the windmill, it was all too fast. Flames and smoke fighting at both sides of the contraption as the ground grew closer to me every second. Eventually I hit the ground and the whole thing exploded. And thats when I woke up.