Flying Manniquin

Date: 6/29/2016

By notTherese

I'm flying over a market of some sort. I'm singing a song. I see adoring fans staring up at me, one in particular looks around frantically for the singer. I circle him, continuously singing until he sees me. He waves goodbye and I wave back. I land when I see an old friend. He tells me I look beautiful today and I thank him. We make some small talk and then I'm off again. He sends me off in admiration. I'm famous for playing a major role in a Harry Potter movie opposite Justin Beiber. When I visited the fan cwelubs headquarters, I found one desk in particular cluttered with simple things that made me appreciate my fame. There was a notepad with doodles of my best friend playing Hermione and a poorly translated letter from a fan. The fan's name was signed "Roquelle the Black Chick" in French. I laughed a bit and read on. The letter was about how she longed to be the character I played and her plan to start dating Justin Beiber. I laughed again but my agent corrected me. apparently she did end up dating Justin Beiber. He came to her workplace and picked her up for an early summer vacation. I was impressed. I already did some damage ransacking her desk for more admiration and hastily rearranged back to its original state. It's a good thing I did too, she just walked into the office with JB. She was a tall, Asian looking woman. She started speaking French to me, and I pretended like I understood her. My friends were with me at the time, wandering around and stopped to help me. One of them, Corin, tried to help me. So when Roquelle brought out 4 fishing rods and handed two to Corin and me, we started sword fighting with them. She and JB stared at us judgingly, and continued to dance elegantly. sparkles surrounded the two. They stopped and she spoke something in French then led JB away to the corner of the room. There, they broke the paper thin walls to get out of the building, and she turned around and said something along the lines of "Therese always exits graciously" then bowed and left us. It brought me back to my first role, as a guest on a reality TV show. One of my friends was the star. She was pregnant and running a marathon, and she asked me to run with her. I started running and we met up with a few other friends. They brought buckets of wine to drink on the run. I broke from the group to explore on my own and the cameras followed. I hit on a girl who didn't speak English, she just said something about "Guinea" and left. So I chased her, determined to hit on her and asked her if she was from New Guinea. She was extremely insulted by this accusation and continued ruining towards a tent. I followed, trying to find out why I insulted her and she led me to a family eating by a fire. Apparently "guinea" means husband in her language, so she was taken. The series of events was so dramatic, the reality show gave me a breakout role. I went back to my friends to tell them the good news and they were all collapsed and drunk out of their minds. I started cleaning up after them and sorting the buckets of wine.