Date: 5/26/2019

By LukiePukie

It started out in a small town setting and I was in a small cottage with my family. Across the street was a gas station and across the street from the gas station was a bar. I suddenly went out onto the porch of the cottage, started to levitate and I quickly flew past the gas station into the bar where I beat up this one guy. I felt as if I was Superman flying so fast and I was able to fly through things like I had the toughest skin on earth. I don’t really remember what happened after I beat up the guy in the bar but I remember chasing after these two teenagers that are bullies to me in the dream. They were scared and running for their lives knowing that I would kill them and the fact that this felt so real that I was flying and I had these powers made me feel like I could do anything. There was a bathhouse that one of the kids went into and I flew in there trying to be quiet hopefully meaning that he didn’t know I was in there with him, there was a very high ceiling and I flew up to it and I used the wooden beams from each side of the wall like monkey bars trying to find him but he ran out. There’s this kid named Jaylen Brown that went to my school he was there and he was friends with the kid I was chasing, wanting to kill. He knew that I wanted to kill him but I didn’t want to kill Jaylen, so after that I pretended that I didn’t know what Jaylen was talking about when he said if I wanted to kill the other kid and so I walked off. I ended up walking past a few of the other townsfolk and they told me that I had a cool mask. I told him I didn’t know what they were talking about and they eventually went on with their lives. I guess while I was in my superhero state, I had a mask on, I don’t know what kind of mask it was but I really hope I have the dream again so I figure out why I had the dream in the first place why I had this urge to kill and develop the super powers.