Framed for murder

Date: 3/15/2017

By Clea

I was at the basketball court I used to play at as a child. But I was now grown up, and the place is overrun by gangsters. They spotted me so I ran, I ran up a flight of fire escape stairs and got stuck at a dead end at one of the floors. The gangster caught up to me and somehow, I ended up looking after a dead body at the first floor landing. While he was busy chatting with his buddy, I snuck a pen knife in my skirt pocket. The gangster brought his motorbike to ride on while I was tasked to carry the dead body. We were supposed to find a place to dump it in since the area around the basketball court already has too many homicides & they didn't want to attract too much attention. I walked while carrying a dead weight while the gangster rode on the bike. Since I was alone with him, I plotted to use my pen knife once I had a chance, to stab him dead and pin the death of the dead man on him, clearing me of the crime. However, after walking a while, I lost the gangster and was walking alone with the dead man in my arms. I thought of the possibility that he had called the cops on me and swiftly dumped the body, wiped off any evidence there could be to me and left. I dreamt no more.