Take me to your Leader

Date: 3/19/2017

By kidneypunch

It begins with a few friends and myself walking along until I told them it was snowing and we turned to watch - somehow - we ended up looking at constellations which caused us to see a UFO. The UFO landed; something began to tell us to get inside and to go to their world. I agreed and started to gather my things and also my cats. My older brother; Ryan; also came along. We got into the ship; but as we took off, everything went black. (We ended up using flour as fuel.) When I woke up, I met this girl and she told me that the world is perfect. (Utopian.) and she suddenly tells me that she doesn't know what a lesbian/bi-sexual is. We ended up holding hands, as we were walking around to find someone, who we couldn't find... and a janitor came running upstairs and we hid. We ended up getting caught, I got yelled at for causing trouble like shedding my hair and then the janitor let us go. (Apparently people didn't grow hair either.) the girl explained that they were born with the same length hair and it stayed that way their whole life. Later, I found Mr. Soik, (Mr. Soik was my science-fiction teacher.) The guy who wanted me to go to the planet and I found out he's only a hologram. When he didn't answer; I stole his address box and I ran. This woman told me to find his house; when two girls came and stole the box back. I threatened them, saying I was going to cause chaos; since they didn't know what it was. I woke after that.