Agus and I

Date: 3/4/2017

By Its_Thiago

For some reason we are in a pool game where I was the center participant, just cause I dared to. I had to grab these elastics that were attached to the sides of the pool and a fitness ball. And play monito with Agus and la negro. I got rekt, it was real hard, though I think I caught it some times I could never get it to where I had to. Anyways eventually that game ended and another one started. This time a roof came over the pool, so we had no way to breethe but some squares very small with air in the roof. So I was playing again against Agus and la neggro, when I notice I needed to breethe quickly, and only found one which was being used by Agus. I got in it and things got a bit thight. The thing wasn't big enough for 2 people and she was kind of struggling so I just grabbed her by the hips so that she'd be a bit more comfortable. But I tasted blood. Next time I needed air the same thing happened, and we were every time a bit closer together. Somehow I realized she was thinking the same as I, so Idecided to kiss her, and she did too (she has a boyfriend). So while we think probably a thousand things at the same time, we open our eyes and la negro there watching closely with a smile on her face. We laugh and she knew she'd cought us, but she didn't mind, she was actually happy. Some time later we are in a supermarket I realize I had dreamed it all, but decide to text her anyways. So I send her two lines, can't remember the first one, but the secomd one was, even if we kissed in the dream or something like that. She then sends a bible of texts, saying that I already know that kissing ain't nothing compared to some dreams she had about me about sex. She definetely had dreamed the same as I, or at least knew everything about my dream somehow, as if every time we dreamt about each other, we both dreamed the same. She went on and on about how she knew I was a great guy but she didn't think I could ever commit to a serious relationship. She explained how she was with a guy who wasn't the best of the world by far, wasn't even close to his perfect boyfriend but was a realistic partner for life. And she'd rather have that than the relationship of her aunt who married her perfect man but were totally separated now. But at the end of the whole thing she tells me that she knew I dreamt that because I really believed I was the right guy fir her, and if I did, then I must really like her. It was very confusing but I think she was hinting me, I should give it a try, if I did she'd totally go with it.