murder of my wife

Date: 7/24/2019

By ajuzzz

i fell love with a girl.she had a job anf i dont .she asked me to get a job fast(clearly seed the mosque class which i studeied) .we got was all going good.later in a sea shore she fell unconcoious.there were 3 boys of my of them caught her before falling.i asked them to help and got to take my keys of car.later she was dragged to somewere,hotel.she was molested and scenario was i was in a side of a house.i think its my moms house in three teachers were going to go somewere in trip.there some lagages got missing . i was by there side.mine teachers(one is my class teacher og plus two for sure )asked me to find .when i turned back to search i found two packes one was lagage og the one of three.but there was a hand bag in a whiteplastic cover.which belonged to non of them .they knew whos it was i dont.i looked for some name in that bag it had money.when i picked some papper like thing ,it was a note torned hundred put together by the hand bag there was something written in blue ink .its first letter was s ithink it surely y and h.its not a large word maybe 5 letter word.okey then one of my relatives which i am not fond of my uncle he came near teachers and told them they need this looking at the three boys (killers ofcourse)they were moving frm the front gate to outside(mayebe police was carrying them to jail).now when the uncle said that the teachers looked at me and like it was my wife i i may be heartbroken(making the uncle know shes my wife with a sympathy look on me.)then the teachers departured in a bus stop but they didnt take the 4th handbag.they were walking fast.i went behind them shouting to take the 4th hand bag with you. but the bus came .the bus station was another house i remember in kollam the bus came into the gate .i waited.outside......yes i was awake now ...