murdering one of my fave singers

Date: 4/22/2019

By cecilekentx

my dream was super weird. it started off as me and lana del rey having an argument which then ended in me strapping her down to the bathtub and turning on the taps and locking the bathroom door. this obviously would kill her. Then i come back and frantically try and hide the evidence and even remember using a lighter to burn my fingerprints off, after i do the murder im shocked and emotionally scarred. i go back to school and by know everyones getting suspicious about the murder. i also remember in the morning i was struggling to get ready it was taking me ages and time was slow and i was shouting at my sister to get her bag ready and she wasn’t listening. i remember then walking past the teachers at school and feeling so guilty and worried that they knew i had killed the celebrity. I walked into assembly and for some reason i was laughing and then at the end of my dream i was getting ready to confess to my murder even though my dad had told me not to as when i went back to the house or castle blood marks were on the wall and they were getting bigger and bigger. they hadnt been there before.