Digital art, A person finds themselves in a gym-like space with a short, stocky, white older man in an all white T-shirt who claims to have discovered a portal in a brick wall, prompting them to help him dig and ultimately transport to another dimension where time moves slower, relationships are reset, and strange occurrences abound.

The Portal to another Dimension

Date: 6/12/2019

By safvy

As far as I remember, I’m in this gym like space that’s huge, and there is a brick wall. There is a short, stocky, white older guy with a bald head that’s sweating a ton. He’s also wearing a all white T. He literally comes out of no where, sweating up to the brick wall and says this is a portal and starts digging away at the wall. I remember thinking omg, this is the kind of things you ONLY see in movies, I have to make a decision to go or not fast because I don’t have time to consider. I then start helping him dig away at the wall, when I first scratched at the wall I was immediately surprised that I was actually able to pull it off, a brick wall mind you. While digging away, I ask him the name of the place and he says some name that I can’t remember but I was okay with whatever he said, and that’s all he said besides there is a portal. Digging seemed like it took 1 minute, no more than two and then boom we were gone. I don’t remember walking through or anything but more like it sucked us in once the entrance was big enough for us to fit. We went our separate ways. I ended up in the historic apartment type deal and my mom was there. I remember asking her how she got there and she said her and her friend had came together, her friend left by meditating her way out, but my mom didn’t know how to meditate therefor she was stuck in that dimension. I also remember asking my mom if she wanted to go back and she said no, and I won’t either. Everything was really cheap, the rent was only 15usd. When I was there, someone also told me that the time goes by MUCH faster back in the dimension I came from. ( the dimension I was in moved slower in time) Everyone still looked the same, not much seemed different, but I could tell the difference as weird as that sounds. I then remember at one point seeing my brother and a few of his friends randomly popped up to the same apartment, but it was strange because he said hi, but I intuitively knew he didn’t want people to know we were siblings.. I kept my distance. He mentioned he would only be there for a short amount of time and then leave. But he wouldn’t tell me how he got here, and how he was leaving. That moment was the last moment I seen him. I was really exploring this dimension. I went to the store and seen a ton of people from my old world, only thing is they didn’t know who I was.. I was curious to know why. Everyone seemed to be strangers and it’s like we had to start our relationship all over again. I didn’t really care to introduce myself, I just knew because when they seen me, a stranger showed in their eyes. There was a point in time when I was walking around the apartments and they were HUGE like gigantic!! There were many floors, and hidden floors, and doors, and turns, and it would be so easy to get lost though I seemed to know my way. I remember there was a class being held down in the basement and there was something I needed to ask someone in the class so I go in, go up to her and let her know I have a few questions, we go outside in the hall to talk and next thing you know she disappears. I then thought how weird that was but payed it little mind, and thought I probably shouldn’t be down here all alone so I went up this elevator that led me to a store. I went in and remember seeing more people I knew from my old world but I don’t remember actually shopping for anything. I do know the question I was going to ask her was who was the guy that brought me here, and how does he know about portals. Next thing you know, I’m in this big field foot ball field. Half the section has graduates 🎓 and I was like wow people graduate here too (the more I experienced the more I realized it was very similar to back home.) (I must mention this didn’t feel like time traveling but it felt like I went to another dimension, literally) So I’m in the middle of the field and I see like someone making more grass, so magically. I then see the guy I was wondering about and he was preparing to go to another dimension. I intuitively got this information that he was a rapist.. but I remember thinking he never tried anything weird with me.. seeing him on the field was the last time I seen him. I remember wondering how I was going to get back to my dimension. I closed my eyes and thought about home really hard and I can see myself going in and out like I was about to go back but I opened my eyes really quick because I still wanted to experience more. I remember thinking it was weird that I didn’t need a portal to go back home and then I woke up.

AI generated interpretation The dream "The Portal to another Dimension" appears to reflect a desire for exploration and adventure in your life. The dream suggests a willingness to take risks and embrace the unknown. The gym-like space in the dream symbolizes a place of physical activity and energy. The presence of the short, stocky, white older guy with a bald head, who is sweating a lot, represents a figure of determination and urgency. The fact that he comes out of nowhere indicates that this sense of adventure and opportunity arises unexpectedly in your life. The decision to join the man in digging away at the brick wall suggests a readiness to seize opportunities and engage in the process of change. The surprise that you are able to pull off the feat of breaking through the wall symbolizes a belief in your own abilities and the realization that you can overcome obstacles. The concept of the portal and the other dimension represents a desire for something new and different. It embodies a longing for escape from the familiar and mundane aspects of your current reality. The lack of hesitation in your decision to join the man in the portal reflects a willingness to embrace change and take risks, even without full knowledge of the destination. Upon entering the new dimension, you encounter your mother. Her inability to meditate her way back home suggests a sense of being stuck or trapped in a certain aspect of her life. The cheap rent and the slower passage of time in the new dimension could signify a desire for simplicity and a change of pace. The appearance of your brother, who doesn't want people to know you are siblings, may symbolize a strained or conflicted relationship in your waking life. The idea that he is only there for a short amount of time and won't disclose how he came or how he is leaving may reflect a sense of transience or impermanence in your relationship with him. The exploration of the new dimension, encountering people who seem like strangers from your old world, implies a desire for new connections and relationships. The notion that you have to start anew and reintroduce yourself signifies a fresh start and an opportunity to redefine yourself. The vast and complex apartments with hidden floors and doors represent the complexity and potential confusion that can come with exploring unknown territories. However, your familiarity and ability to navigate this labyrinth-like environment suggest adaptability and resilience. The disappearing person in the class and the questioning of the man who brought you to the dimension highlights your curiosity and desire for answers. It symbolizes a thirst for knowledge and understanding, especially concerning the opportunities and possibilities that the new dimension presents. The football field with graduates and the realization that the new dimension is similar to your old world suggests a recognition that change and growth can occur in familiar surroundings. The ability to create more grass and the presence of the man preparing to go to another dimension, despite being labeled a rapist, represent conflicting emotions and judgment. It signifies the complexities and contradictions of your own thoughts and feelings, highlighting the importance of discernment and not succumbing to stereotypes. The attempt to return home by closing your eyes and thinking hard about it reflects a desire for stability and a sense of security. However, the hesitation in opening your eyes and the desire to experience more indicate a thirst for further exploration and a reluctance to leave the unknown behind too soon. Overall, this dream speaks to your desire for adventure, change, and exploration. It suggests a readiness to embrace new opportunities, navigate complex situations, and challenge preconceived notions. It also reflects a yearning for deeper connections and a renewed sense of self.