Hotel with face swapped friends

Date: 5/16/2019

By Brianisop

I ended up in a hotel room one morning, woke up and I’m sharing a room with somebody I don’t know in real life at all but in the dream we were friends (just a stranger nobody famous or something), we had to shower and get ready for the day but I was the last one awake so I was supposed to find a shower, I went to where my mum was supposed to be staying, she wasn’t there but her room was massive and she had a shower room to herself which I used, had a vivid shower feeling and stayed there a while, got out in my towel and my friends were waiting outside in some airport type big waiting room, but they were all face swapped, again these were friends in the dream, in real life I have no idea who they are. And we were laughing at how the face swaps were. Then randomly I was back to normal with clothes and I saw some guy bite into an apple and his teeth fell out and I caught them and put them on and he was like thank u for that.