What Does This Dream Mean????

Date: 2/21/2017

By eyeswideopen

In my dream I was at the mall with my family. In the mall, you can see the sky when you look up. I was looking up while I was waiting for my husband and son they were on the top floor. My daughter and I were in the lower level. I thought it was strange that a mist was developing in the mall. And in this mist people were dropping dead if it touches them. I was screaming for them to hurry up and come where my daughter and I are at. They looked down where we were and yelled at me to run! I said no hurry ! My daughter was crying because the people were dying by her. But some people didn't die. So my husband and son started to run towards us and first my son dropped and he died then my husband when he ran to him. I woke up crying out of control. What does this dream mean???