Date: 5/12/2019

By juninacht

I was in school and talked to Sophie k. We walked to the bridge because she was going to get picked up by her mom there and get home. I was like hey I actually jsut neeede to go to the train station but let's walk to the bridge together maybe my mom can pick me up. I tried calling my mom multiple times but she never sndertrd thr phone it eesd just sirens. We walked by a socker field. I thought well maybe she is dying, and dad has Frühschicht so she doesn't have a car anyway. It was Wednesday, so I had art in the after noon. Had to get home quick. I hopped on a train at a small station not the main station. It seemed like we were in the UK? Idk? I think the station i left from was called Birmingham. But I hoped there was a direct train to reutlingen. There were some signs and I read them and some said "Donnerstag", a piece of paper, slightly crumpled. I think it was even written in old German script. "to Birmingham", 'trains to Finland', one side seemed to go to the wrong direction so I just went by the train on the next direction. It said "Friday" on the other station platform, again, "trains to Finland", "Stuttgart", 'piatra neamț ". The train I got on was weird, and then I noticed on maps we didn't even get close to reutlingen. I was concerned and thought about just getting out and switching to the next train, but it was suddenly super late and I thought he was just using a weird route, and there would be no trains other direct trains this late in the evening anyway. Then thr driver told us to get colorful seat belts, I didn't manage right away and he drove so fast I nearly fell off until someone buckled me in. Suddenly my parents were there too but I didn't really feel like that was special at that time. We drove all the way to România and I was like 'ohh the scenery is beautiful and I'm a Romanian citizen but why the fuck are we here" (the houses were tall and out of wood, it was snowy, I saw some planes). I was like' hey I could just pack my shit, get out, walk to the airport (it seemed very close planes were landing over our heads) and buy a Ryanair ticket with my card I'll get around. I had alraady forgotten about school. Some dude told me I was crazy and told the driver he would drive us back to Germany. He said yes. We waited. Then I and my dad looked where we are on Google maps. We were in Sweden, at the bottem, border to Norway. It was incredibly snowy. At some point my mom said come on pack your bags, were getting put next stop. I put my shoes back on that I never remembered taking off, took a K*H (my mom's work) laptop that I asked my mom if it was hers she was like no but illl bring it to Achim. There was a black woman in hijab with a child next to her walking on the opposite station, apparently she had just gotten off a train. I also texted Lucy because I had deleted snapchat? But that felt irrelevant af. We got off the train, I nearly left my Grey weekday socks and my pink socks from Finland but shoved them into my backpack with the papers that were around the floor. The train seemed like it had gotten off the rails and was curled in like a snake. My mom said "why didn't you leave your socks that would have made it creepier for that dude' and scolded him about taking us to the end of the world. Then I woke up.