My deceased Crush

Date: 3/30/2017

By Tati52

My crush Jaylen had died 4 or 5 weeks ago in a car accident Me and my bestfriend was at Burger King and the food was just too high so I didn't buy anything . I wasn't finna buy a burger that cost 10$ . So we walked out the restaurant and walked towards the bus stop and we saw my dead crush jaylen on the bus with his friend. So Jaylen said "Hey , wassup?" Then he started playing and shit and laughing. But in my dream I already knew he was dead in real life so I asked him "how does it feels to be gone" he just smiled at me and shook his head. I'm like what? So apparently we ended up at this place with all these people and shit around me and Ciara (OldFriend) so I'm like aw hell Nah. So a ball was coming towards me so I had caught it and threw it back and the ball had accidentally hit the back of a old lady head . The lady gon point at me and say"GET HER OUT OF HERE" I'm like "DONT TOUCH ME! I'll leave on my own" so I got up from my seat and walked down the stairs. So some how Ciara (Old Friend) and Jaylen(Dead Crush) they was having a whole conversation so I kind of joined in on the conversation. So the Ciara girl was talking about how her mom died of starvation so she can feed her. But the crazy part about it was that she was saying her and her mom were giraffes . So while I'm there I kept on interrupting her while she telling her story, I was saying" Jaylen Fine" so Jaylen was just laughing and smiling. Then I turned my head and he was gone and Ciara was staring at me. I miss him 😕 THEN I WOKE UP!