One's Privilege

Date: 2/19/2017

By Khiyt

A man that was called ugly thinks he is being targeted because of his race, and starts going on a murderous rampage, shooting up neighbourhoods and raiding houses. Later, he and his partners in crime hijack a futuristic airship flying in the air in order to kill the daughter of the woman who called him ugly. After skirmishing throughout the ship, the girl jumps out of the plane into a neighbourhood backyard on the ground (for some reason, I was thinking of a game and I thought that this "level" could only be fought in the air, but now we can go on land). The man turns out to be me, and I find the girl in the background, talking to a man (she is probably asking for help), and with my shotgun, laughing, I shoot her in the back of the head multiple times before she finally collapses. As I walk away, the man screams at me, calling me the N-word, and after hearing that word repeated many times, I woke up saying the word.