Finally, My Own Place

Date: 5/21/2017

By TwentieToo

This dreams a bit fuzzy and out of order. But, i remember being in my house, though it looked a bit different. I think my grandparents, i live with them, were telling me to do something. I remember traveling back and forth between my house and a building under construction. I think I was going to move in there. I remember there was a store by the building and shopping there. Everything was in bins on tables. And there was another woman there picking some stuff out, but we didn't interact. I remember two guys driving a car. It was a specific car. A white van or one of those construction trucks? They were trying to stop me, or something else. I remember when my apartment place was finished and it was quite nice and it was mostly white and there was a big room with a view/balcony and a piano which was also white. The floors were checkered. I remember feeling like, "finally my own place". I think this came from me thinking about if i had a billion dollars i would wait until i was eighteen, which isn't that far away, to spend any of it, so i could get my own place, before i fell asleep. House shifting- going through personal changes, changing belief system Building a house/construction- need to work on some aspect of yourself to better your mind/body, new surge of energy, growth, ambition, confidence. Rebuilding your own life. Maturing mindset New house- entering new phase/area, becoming emotionally mature Grandparents- love, security, wisdom, protection Grandparent's home- longevity, security, old fashion values. Need to lay a solid foundation in order to grow. Moving out- desire/need for change, an end to a situation/relationship; you're moving on, your determination and issues regarding dependance/independence Shopping- needs/desires, opportunities/options that come across in your life Woman- nurturance, passivity, love, your own female aspects, your mother, temptation, guilt Men- authoritative/father figure White- purity, perfection, peace, innocence, dignity, cleanliness, awareness, new beginnings. Experiencing a reawakening, a fresh outlook on life. Clean/blank slate Truck- overworked, taking on too many tasks, weighed down by responsibilities Patterns(checkered floor)- life has become monotonous/repetitious. You need to break free from routine Balcony(the view)- desire to be seen/noticed. If its clean: you are looked up to by others