Another House Fire

Date: 7/17/2017

By fluffytree

I see someone starting little brush fires down the street from me. Lately there's been several big house fires in my neighborhood and it's scary cos I keep wondering if we're next. The last 2 have happened right across the street from our house and there's been more too. Anyway, so it's like 3 in the morning and I'm watching TV when I notice little tidbits of orange light outside my window. I look out and see some individual wearing a hoodie and holding a flaming stick of some sort. I keep an eye on him but when I see another wall of orange light and I panic thinking our house is on fire. I run into my sister's room shouting so she can leave. Thankfully it's a false alarm. Well kinda, since what's actually on fire is some vacant house down the street. A fire truck is here really quick but I can't help but really think how it's time to get outta this neighborhood. It never felt super safe but it's really not safe at all anymore.