Zombie Apocalypse

Date: 6/18/2017

By comatose-dreamer

My dad and I were at this amusement park and there was this "ride" that's also a transport to the other side of the park. We couldn't ride on it because he was too tall and old to ride it, so I walked with him on the dirt sidewalk where the track of the ride was set up. Once in a while, we had to move farther into the sidewalk when the ride shot past us. After we made it to the end of the ride, we stood at the entrance to the ride and we heard that there was going to be a zombie outbreak occurring. I suddenly had an ear bud in my ear and the dad from Blackish told me that there was a bunker only a few people can go into (which I still had no idea where the secret entrance was lol). (dream skips ahead) My sister and I were at school and the zombie outbreak occurred, and we started seeing zombies running around and biting people. We ran for cover in my mom's walk in closet and hid behind the hung clothes. I saw this small box that was open, but the hole was pitch black, so I realized that was the entrance to the bunker. After my sister went through the hole first, I started crawling in and tried to quickly close the hole as the zombies started running into the room.