The vet

Date: 3/3/2017

By druyan

I had a pretty vivid nightmare about my cat, Mulder. re: mentions of animal cruelty he kept falling over, so I took him to the vet. the vet is this tall, skinny elderly man. his hands were the creepiest, his fingers were like an inch too long. I saw him and was going to ask for the female doctor, but he refused and took the carrier with Mulder in it. he walked extremely fast, like he was on one of those airport treadmills. I caught up with him on the exam room and he took Mulder our by the scruff. I hate when people do that, I know their moms do it when they're little, but we aren't cat moms and Mulder is 11 months old. Mulder is pissed and goes to swipe at him. the doctor shakes his head and tells me Mulder has tumors in all four legs and needs them amputated immediately. he calls in the nurse to set up the OR without asking me. i say no, you should take an xray or do a biopsy first, but he's starting sedate my cat. finally I smack his hands away from mulder, put him in the carrier and go to leave. the doctor is trying to get me to pay 500 dollars for the anesthesia. then I wake up