Date: 3/22/2017

By guido38

It started out me driving in a neighborhood and it was night time . I came to a stop sign and I signaled with my lights that the other car could go ahead and cross but it didn't move . So I went and drive some more saw it another couple blocks over and who was in it hopped out . For sure was not a descant looking character . Anyway I passed him but then I heard him yelling and kept driving but then my sister was standing on a driveway yelling back . I circled back around turns out it wasn't my sister it was just a couple . My sister then ended up texting me and I saw her at a hole in the wall bar playing pool and she said she had a guy friend on his way to play then I left . Then I met up with my old partner in crime . This dude literally like a brother to me . I've changed my life around and don't run with him anymore but when I did I'd introduce him as my cousin . Anyway he rang and wanted me to check out this new recruit he found . Usually when we need more sets of hands we find losers , rejects , outcasts , people that have no friends something to prove and can be molded . So we normally take them in and show them love and pretty much show them a way . So yeah we all met up at a restaurant . And really I didn't even talk to the kid my partner was the one sitting with him while I would periodically check on them as I'd scope the place out and drink . And it ended as I checking on them for the second or third time over the course of a couple hours .