I wake up to find my stolen cell phone has mysteriously appeared in Japan and I must use a mysterious teleportation device to go and get it!, digital art

Stolen cell phone appears in Japan

Date: 2/28/2017

By Kris

This dream starts out in Michigan at my old High School. My phone goes missing on a visit to the school. I open find my iPhone on a separate device to see where it is. I see that it has traveled far away from the current location. The map does not look familiar and I am unable to zoom out. I tell my gf that we need to go and find the phone. We get to her car and it happens to be some huge SUV. I mean, one of the biggest, lifter SUVs I have ever seen. It is at this point where I realize that the phone is somehow in Japan. The SUV is also actually a plane... I debate trying to fly to Japan but realize that I do not know how to fly a plane. The dream starts to get fuzzy at this point but I start to realize that some sort of teleportation device must have been used to get to such a far away location so quickly, I wake up.

AI generated interpretation This dream may be interpreted as a reflection of your anxieties or worries about the security of your personal belongings. The dream may represent your fear of being vulnerable and having something valuable taken away from you. The fact that the phone is in Japan is symbolic of how far away and out of reach this insecurity may feel. The large SUV and airplane symbolize the potential for a new journey or adventure that may be needed to reclaim what has been taken away from you. On some level, this dream could be interpreted as a call to action to take control of the situation and reclaim what is yours.