Weird house

Date: 4/20/2019

By SpackEntertainment

I came home to my apartment and tried to close my door but I couldn't, somehow the door was too short. After a few tries I did close it successfully (It got bigger). I went to pee and when I came back the door was a bit open and orange advertisment was hanging a the door handle from the outside. I took that stuff inside and closed the door, I looked outside via this small hole in the door and hundreds of naked people I dont know ran upstairs. On the stairs was a weird new orange carpet. Suddenly I was infront of the door in between all the People. I saw Pierre Gasly who was wearing clothes and we slowly walked up but the other people were gone. We ended on the last apartment and went inside, it was just a huge room with red carpet and giant walls. On the floor was Trumps head. Both Gasly and me screamed in Horror and then we fell through the floor and I woke up.