29. Night out. 🍻🍺Everywhere.Everyone(long

Date: 2/9/2017

By Raul

I am with my car and pick up Flavia. I crash the car into a high voltage tower. The police came and I have to give a statement. Night came quickly and I go out in the citty to have some drinks with friends. On the road I find Andri and a friend. I wanted to shake his hand but he stoped me, he had mushrooms growing out of his skin and he says its contagious. I finaly meet my friends and go to a bar for some beers. There I find other friends and go with them into the forest to meet withe a dealer. Its very dark, we arive early and smoke a J in the forest waiting for the eealer. We can hear noise in the bushes aproaching and we realise there are some people talking lowdly, we figured it must be the dealer, but as they get closer we can hear they are chanting some kind of satanic ritual so we get the fuck out of there. We get back to the bar and meet up with the first group of friends teling them what happened. They feel bad for me and ask me to amoke a J with them to calm down so I do. At this point I'm verry high and I meet some of my sisters friends(mostly girls) I end up leaving with them at one of theyr apartment. Everyone was in the room and I am with Teo in the kitchen, smoking a cigarete. I say something dum and kiss her, she kisses back and says I smell nice( weird thing to say after a first kiss but I dismiss it as something a drunk person would say). I once again rejoin the first group of friends and we fool around on the street. They were teasing me abouy the satanic coult trying to scare me. I went with Bolk to his place and talk about what happend in that night. His girlfriend came and she has a short beard... I don't make any coment on it trying not to be rude. I ask Bolk to drive me home because it's late and I leave farr away. On the road he rolled a J and smoked it alone because I refuse sayng I had enough and I dont want my eyes to be too red when I get home. The next day I see my neighbor, has a racoon and I take my cat there to play with the racoon. They become best friends...