Date: 7/30/2017

By gabriel4031

I take my kids to a restaurant. It isn't a place I know of in waking life. It's a little odd because they have these massive tables that look like a giant could and would be served there. We get seated and then they seat Kevin Young of Disciple to my left. I smile a huge smile at him but think to myself that I'm dumb for doing so. I'm being ridiculous. He smiles a huge smile back at me and says hello. My daughter asks if it is who she thinks it is, and I say yes but not to bother him, because he probably wants to eat in peace. New day. I go to the restaurant again, with my husband and kids. Again, Kevin Young is seated to my left. I smile and he smiles back, remembering me from the day before. I tell him I swear that I'm not stalking him. He says he knows, because I can't control where they seated him. My daughter gets bold and does something that he decides to talk to her about. Like, she's not supposed to do it, and he tells her she shouldn't. I'm surprised because my husband and I are there. He tells her she has to sit it in a sort of time out on the other side of the table. I think she was pestering her brother. Oddly, she complies to his request without complaint. Oddly it isn't embarrassing to have a stranger reprimand my child. Anyhow, I am torn about my desire to start up a conversation with my favorite musician and letting him have a peaceful dinner. He and the rest of the band (whom I did not even notice was there until that moment) get up and start to do an autograph signing near where Kevin sent Emily to have her time out. There are suddenly a lot of people there and it feels like a football stadium. I can't find Jason, but then I see he is with the band, feeding a baby (Josiah's?). It's cool, but very unexpected. It turns out that they gave him this honor because of the "coincidence" of me being seated next to Kevin two days in a row. "There are no coincidences. There is a reason. Only time will tell what that reason is." Kevin says. I am invited to hang out with them at the booth, and my family too. I realize that it is a dream, but I don't care, it's a nice dream. They entertain and talk with us for a long time. My daughter does Bible study with them. She has several "aha moments" and it seems her life has been positively impacted by the experience. I enjoy talking to Kevin about the music. I'm glad to not be bothering him. He has a beautiful smile. I feel a little sad that it is just a dream.