High school boyfriend

Date: 7/16/2017

By AliWiley

So I met this guy on a plane and for some reason we just clicked and started instantly dating and just spending all of our time together and he was super cute and we were in the plane because were on a school trip. So his name was Jonathan (no surprise there) and we literally spent every second together after we met. We also did the gross make out sessions but daaaaaaang gurl was he an amazing kisser. So we went up to the third deck of the plane. (It was double decker and then at the very top was a bubble you could sit in that was see through, and we just talked the whole time. Then we landed and we're in a gas station getting food before the long bus ride to I think Noxon or something..I had to pee so he ordered the special thing that only this gas station makes and then someone asked me if I could sing the national anthem and I said 'no because last time I sang it in front of a crowd I forgot the lyrics' (100% true it was 2012) then we got the food and ate it. It was like a weird mix of French fries, meat, peas, and carrots with mashed potatoes as the 'glue' for the whole thing.