A Dream that Goes Nowhere

Date: 7/10/2019

By baburubān

I had a dream that my highschool class got to do a “tour” of my elementary school, except we got to go about our day if we were students there. At first we were just playing outside, but I can’t really describe what I was doing sense I was just climbing and running around. Tony Hawk was there for some reason, and he was head of the trivia in the class. I knew all the answers but I didn’t feel like going to the front to press the button. I was acting like those sarcastic hot goth girls in movies where they’re too cool for everything except I’m not that so I probably just looked like a bitch lol. Then it was lunch, and I was planning an escape route out of there. This guy named Liam asked me if I went to school there with him, and I gave him this “uhm, duh” look, despite the fact in real life he never went there. He told me my first grade talent show act was terrible and I was an awful singer. The adults, trying to take control of all these teenagers, separates the boys and girls for lunch. It didn’t matter to me sense I was just going to sit alone making friendship bracelets anyway. Regardless, I ended up sitting near Milo in a shaded area, and it was really nice. Then I woke up.