Pokémon GO Update

Date: 7/6/2017

By sunkern

Pokémon GO got updated. I was in my elementary school when it happened. A new feature allowed you to change the battle background. I then encountered three Voltorb, and one was shiny. I excitedly tried to catch it, but the battle morphed into one against a Gligar. Eventually I somehow found out that there was a machine to generate any Pokémon, even ones from Gens 3-7. I generated a Simipour. I believe I caught it. I was by a river when my shiny Voltorb was found there. I got it back. I went back to the generation machine, which was on a school bus. I generated an Axew because I thought Iris's Axew was really cute. (True). Eventually I got a Tepig and dressed it up in grey robes. I battled another dressed up Tepig.