Few things i want to say about subconscious and demons

Date: 6/18/2017

By Juckles

Warning in this i put little to no effort in grammar so don't freak our when you read this also you don't have to believe anything I say you guys have your own opinion What i want to talk about is something i have learned myself so you have a spirit mind body but your mind is in the middle and your subconscious is your spirit that's why it gives such good advice but to become more spiritual aware you have to do more spiritual things example I'm christian so i speak in the spirit a lot and seek god if you don't believe in christianity and say its bullshit than well ok your opinion i cant tell you what to believe so what about those people what do they do they can well idk to be more spiritual aware you gotta be baptized so your spirit isn't asleep automatically peoples spirits are asleep thats why you cant just be like hey subconscious you there and it respond (it wouldn't be physically audible) so idk how you become more spiritual aware and conscious while un baptized someone put it in the comments for people who don't want to get baptized also i want to talk about demons and dreams and how little effect they have on you demons cant read your mind or enter it unless you yield to them but they can give you thoughts and influence your dreams but you can tell them to go away and never influence your dreams again but you got to be saved baptized and say it with faith in your words otherwise the demons will say i know who jesus is and blah blah blah they go on and then they say but who are you and taunt you so don't blindly try to command demons but when you do there like a hurt puppy whining also they can shape shift it will come as a angel remember you cant see this stuff with your eyes but with your spirit and test all spirits by asking them if jesus died on the cross if they say no there bad if the say yes there good there fine also you probably wondering about shadow people there not people there demons shape shifting there everywhere and listening for what your saying to use it against you one day they become shadows to scare you also in sleep paralysis shadow people aren't there and you wonder well i saw a shadow person with my own physical eyes demons can manifest a physical presence but they usually don't so your wondering now what does a demon look like not shape shifted into a different form well its weird one example is a small dog with huge jaws those talk ALOT some with 8 eyes bird cow thing its weird so they aren't big and scary and powerful just don't yield to them resist them and they will flee most people are probably saying now why is this needed i don't encounter demons so why do i need to know this, because people are worried demons will effect you a lot if you lucid dream its bullshit they don't