Chucky -esque dream

Date: 1/30/2017

By mataulvr

was going to a restaurant with Spenser and we pulled into a parking lot and I noticed a large truck with flatbed running over this knee high doll. it reminded me of Chris my brother and he had hair proofed out much like chucky. his eyes were giant saucers and gross lazy animation eyelids. his body lay on the ground just blinking when suddenly he lifted his head and looked right at me with this terrible grin on his face. freaked out I call the police because this doll is getting up and making its way toward me. Spenser has this single goal in mind to get to the restaurant and doesn't seem overly bothered by the death doll walking towards us. I'm freaking out on the phone saying " it's coming what to do I do. oh my god he's walking towards me" when Spenser takes the phone hangs it up for me and puts it in his own pocket. the doll then morphs into my brother and he proceeds to act like a perfect angel. I'm still terrified but everyone suddenly treats him like an angel and I have to eat supper with a doll/ human that I am certain will kill all of us later.