homework bunny

Date: 7/5/2017

By Tourmaline19

I had this dream that at school we had pet bunnies that were supposed to help us do our homework, and I never really noticed how sweet mine was until it kissed a bunch of my friends and licked everyone it met. At school, we were previously given these extremely small pet carriers to hold the bunnies in, and one night when i put my bunny in it i saw how he didn't want to be in that confined space, so he tried to open it with his teeth. I had to go to bed, so the bunny needed to stay in the carrier. I put a lock on the carrier so that when I closed it the bunny wouldn't come out, and it was successful. I remember in my dream that i told my friends a story about how the bunny escaped one night, and how it was roaming around my basement when i woke up. My dream ended there.