Shooting in the hotel

Date: 3/16/2017

By ivandashh

I was a hot summer day in Miami , Me and Jenny were at Walmart with Alicia from lifetouch, I believe she was our ride to the hotel since we were there for vacation. We arrived to the hotel, said bye to Alicia and thanked her for the ride. When we opened the door I saw all of Jenny's gangster friends. I was mad at her because she never told me that she had invited them, specially because I don't really like them. Anyway I went down to her friends car to get something and I realized one of the cars door was open, so I closed it shut... As soon as I walked up the stairs I was greeted from a different gang, The opposite gang lol I was all in red and they were all in blue They said why are you wearing that color? I told them I don't bang....... Then they took some big ass guns out and started shooting the fuck out of me!!! But i don't know why I was still alive because they literally shot me everywhere I took out a gun that I had on my belt, And started shooting like crazy!!! I shot a few shots inside of my room so the guys could help me.... then we all started shooting them like crazy!!! I think I died cuz I woke up .