you stole my award?!

Date: 2/18/2017

By fairyfina

Just a note, the first time I wrote this down it didn't save so I'm going off of memory. Right. So, it was a stormy afternoon at school. We were doing PE on the school oval, and the Lightning kept blasting(?) the balls around, so they were really hard to catch. So, I catch a decent amount of these sports balls, and they somehow turn into vinyl records, and I hand the stack to a girl named Kirsty, to give to the teacher. The next day, I'm running in the school, and there are sprinklers on. The sky is grey as if early on the morning. In a brief moment of panic, I realise I'm wearing the pyjamas that I'm wearing irl. So, as I'm running through one of the sprinklers, I think 'just do that dream thing' or something, and change into my school uniform mid-sprint. I make it to my classroom, and get in where the desks are strange. There's an announcement that: Yesterday during PE there were huge storms, and four-hundred-and-something sports balls were deemed unable to be recovered, due to the storm. Students were warned not to go after them. However, KIRSTEY went and heroically collected them all. For this, we present her an award. So, I see this case of CDs with my classmates names on them, and faces, but I can't find mine. I can however, find Kirsty's, which is a gold award. I'm really really angry, because She stole my credit! So, I sit down next to Tyler, and there are cups on the desks, which is weird. They also have some fruit in them, which is kind of gross. I get really annoyed when Tyler keeps pouring water into 'my' cup from his water bottle. Then I wake up.