Fired, filling out frustrating form

Date: 9/11/2022

By Purple

I had a dream last night that I was in a different office building, but also was let go (like what just happened in real life on Friday). I was filling out an online form at the security desk, mentioning things I had left at my desk, hoping to be returned. In my dream, I had half a bag full of snacks, but the snacks were the equivalent of bird seed, and the bag was originally 20 pounds. The employer gave each employee a new bag of snacks every 3 months. Then I remembered thinking it was foolish to bring that back. They're not going to want it. There was also frustration in the dream because the form I was filling out wasn't filled out properly, because I couldn't see the whole screen and an old man was in my way while the keyboard was at an awkward angle. Now that I'm typing this, I see that as a trait of "it's not my fault" due to circumstances, making me frustrated that a simple thing is taking so damn long. The final part of the dream was that I had to call a toll free number to get information, and we practically had a "who's on first" conversation, not understanding each other, but we were saying the same things. And this was exactly the frustration I was feeling at the job just that let me go.