Forbidden magic

Date: 3/1/2017

By Tjika

I was in a supermarket with a friend looking for ingredients for food and other stuff for a party. One of the things we found was a salad, and we also found carrots. I asked my mom, who was there too, if baked carrots would taste good ans she said they absolutely wouldn't. I wanted to try it, so I took one and baked it right there in the supermarket anyway. I got magic powers from it for some reason. I found out about those when we reunited with my other family members on the campsite we were staying at. Apparently we were on holiday. I had been with a Japanese girl and we had been to a nearby place, but I kept telling everyone I had been to Okinawa which was her home. This was apparently a sign that I had magic and that was forbidden for some reason. She gave me a hint that I should run and I took it. I jumped into the water, because I could breather under water now and soon got out of the water to fly away. I started singing songs about how nice it had been to be home and to be with my family and I saw my little cousins with ny uncle and aunt who were staying at the campsite before flying away over the highway. At some point in the future (I skipped some time after the highway part) I flew back home to some sort of school building. Apparently I had been sending my family gifts with strange hints about me and where I was and stuff. I had brought it in person this time (I could also phase through walls), but for some reason they were all reluctend to meet me, as if that was forbidden and dangerous, but they did want to find out about my secret hints quite badly. While they were arguing in the hallway my young cousin did come into the room. I had a drawing where you had to connect the dots as a hint and I was just doing it myself, but she wanted to help me. She was not very good at it, but I didn't blame her, because she's only 6 years old, although it was slightly frustrating. I was afraid the end result would turn out badly abd incomprehensible and that might make them miss the hint. I never found out if they got it after all, because I woke up before they entered the room.