Date: 3/18/2017

By broadwayylmao

It started as a vacation at a water park. Matt and I were swimming and having a good time. Guin and Faith were there, too. Something happened to my swimsuit and I texted my mom to bring me a new one. She met me outside the door but told me she couldn't find a new one. So Matt, Faith, Guin and I went to go find a new one at Sephora (for some reason). We got to Sephora only for hypnotists to somehow be there? And me and this girl that I knew from ACTF were told to trick them. So we did, and after I had Matt help me pick out a swimsuit. For some reason the whole world changed to this live-action Neopets thing and then I was a Warthog looking for a swimsuit. Idk I don't want to talk about it lmao. Anyways I ended up helping Neopets out and then I got a free swimsuit my size and that was it.