The Smart Pillow

Date: 8/18/2019

By TheGrizzlyBear

I had a smart pillow. I was writing with my finger a question to be answered somehow by the internet. I asked “What is the best photo editing app. Once I pressed send, my desktop computer powered on and I began hearing two or more guys talking as if their voices were all around me. I got up from my bed and went to the computer screen and sat down. The front facing camera was on and I saw my own face on the screen as well as three or more other people standing behind me, one in a letter jacket. They immediately acknowledged my presence in a mocking way. I swung my fist backward to strike the one in the jacket and my arm found nothing. They mocked. I got my mother who came in my room and looked at what I was seeing, but instead of it being my front facing camera, it was a cycling feed of security cameras in various locations. One stopped on an old house she used to live and run a day care in. There was a child that she recognized playing in the yard who ran inside. The camera feed cycled again going to a homosexually man shouting in agony in the street. I felt he was in danger. I told him to run! He became infuriated at me for criticizing his sexuality and started spray painting over the camera.