Super shopper

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

There was some sort of contest going on that I was watching with somebody. It started on the top of a cliff. The contestants had to jump off of the cliff, flip twice, then free style dive into the water. Once they came back out of the water, they had to get the numbers that were in crevices in the wall of the cliff and they had to go in order starting at one. Lot's of people I watched didn't get higher than five or six. I thought I would try it. I walked with my friend Morgan Lathem and some other people (Lauren Murer, Anna Grace, Austin Foster, Samantha Price, the black boy from Kickin' It, and a few others). We all walked down some street to get where we were going. I don't remember how we got into the water thing but when we did it was like a small boat. It was rocking very badly. I was floating from my red bag/jacket thing because I thought the ground was water. When I did get down though I saw it was like tile and the boat no longer rocked. We had to find a list of items which all had a number and put them into our shopping carts. My items kept breaking open and there were already bags filling my shopping cart. So I didn't get higher than maybe 16 items while the boy from Kickin' It got to ninety-five which was the highest anyone could get. He won obviously. Then we had to get all of our things together before we were transported from the boat/isle thing. I got all of the bags and put them into one another. When they were all in one bag they turned into a small cube for me to carry. We got out of the water and walked on. That's all I remember.