Can't trick Death

Date: 4/29/2017

By sadinarus

It was some type of event going on, it required dancing. So me and some people from my school, was sitting in a hotel ballroom waiting to get orders about some things. But while we were waiting a bunch of random other students came in, i guess they were apart of the event as well. I no longer wanted to dance or rehearse anymore, because there was too many people. So for some reason those people got up and left and it was just my original group. And so we started to decorate the ballroom. We blew up balloons and hung up string lights and dimmed down the lights. We made a fruit bowl Nd other good stuff. Eventually the other groups came back in and they were in awe about the decorations. The room git filled quickly. I was sitting with my friends, and I decided to get me some fruit in a cup. While I was up there my dad was getting some fruit. But I took the last of the fruit from that fruit bowl. So I got the second tray of fruit which had watermelon, and smiled at my dad and put down the tray to the person that was serving the fruit. I turned around to see that Natalia (my boyfriends ex) went and sat in my seat next to my friends. I became excited all of a sudden because i was gonna bully her. So i skipped over to her, and was like "get up!...Thats my seat" She said "No" i said "Get up!" and yet again she said "No". So there was another seat in front of me and I sat in it. Her and araziel started talking about something. And she started smiling, "I was like awe she so have braces??!" Araziel looked at me and said "did you nit realize she's pretty" I was like "yeah but I hate her so.." Natalia responds saying "All the boys talk about you, you can get abybody u want." it looks like shes about to cry...and then im satisfied.. But somebody comes over and says that my dad is fearing that he is losing me. I turn around and see him walking out while crying and having a sort if breakdown. I start to run after him and tears form a little. I catch up to him and wrap my arms around. Comforting him telling him "I know we rarely speak, but you're not losing me, I'm here, I love you." so i finally get him comforted and calm. *Some background music starts to play (shoffy blue skies)* and my dad starts to stumble, I catch him. He's having a heart attack, he walks a few steps and i start to yell. We walk some steps in front of the open ballroom doors, and this girl Freya says "awe" because she didnt know what was happening yet. My dad stumbles to the floor and I'm holding him, telling him to look me in my eyes, to listen to my voice. I looked him in the eyes and told him to stay. I'm holding his body, crying like crazy, his head laying on my lap. He had this mp3 music player in his ears, and it was connected to his life, so when his mp3 stopped playing he stopped living. *Background music still playing* THE END