Post-Apocalyptic Hoarding

Date: 7/24/2017

By toxxicduck

In my first dream of the night, I lived in a post-apocalyptic world. It was just me and another girl, whom I considered my sister. We were the same age, young women, and both had blonde hair (more dreams about blondes! I am a brunette irl. Blonde envy?). I was wearing a green sun dress, and she a blue one, both simple. The world was a desert wasteland. Sand dunes everywhere with buildings peeking up through the dunes. My sister and I were looking for trinkets. We found many boxes and containers full of random stuff, and also a small building we could enter, and were just scrounging for anything interesting, and this is what we did for fun. We used rolling luggage to carry the stuff with us. Mine was so full that I had to carry another smaller box under my arm. Of the trinkets, I really only remember having some jewelry with red fake gems on it. I noticed now and again an airplane flying over us. I don't know if it was the same one every time, or a bunch of different ones, but it looked the same, and came from a different direction every time. At some point, I decided to catch the airplane. I reached my hand up and plucked it out of the sky, and it was a tiny toy sized airplane, which I stuck with my other trinkets. Then we had to hurry back to our home. I don't know why we had to hurry, but I had to scramble to get my stuff together which had fallen all over the ground and then run after my sister. Our home was an abandoned building that somehow still had full electricity. Everything was controlled automatically. The lights came on themselves, and the door was locked by a laser that we somehow knew how to work. The place was clean and looked like a fancy corporate office with polished brown wood walls. There were windows that looked out to the entry hallway that was beyond the laser locked door. They were covered in blinds, but a lot of them were broken off or crooked. Right as we set our things down on a receptionists desk, I glimpsed a man walking through the entry. I panicked and told my sister, and we both frantically hid inside another room. We were supposed to be the only people alive, so seeing another person was suspicious. I peeked around the door of the room, and the guy was totally looking right at us through the broken blinds. He was clean and wearing a grey suit, and he terrified me. When he got to the laser door, he began talking to us through a speaker on the wall. He was being very nice and tried to convince us to let him in. We came out of hiding but didn't let him in. I noticed he was wearing a large bronze pin on his collar that I think had a globe symbol on it, with a feather coming off, and on closer inspection (I was somehow able to zoom in on it), the globe had four pointed stars in black and red with lines running through them. It looked like one of the badges in Star Trek. Somehow, I knew it represented the evil group of people he belonged to, and he was tricking us. I also knew that more people were on the inbound on an airplane. I woke up as me and my sister looked at each other to decide on what to do.