road trip turned bad??

Date: 7/26/2019

By __minyogurt__

so basically. it started in my yard. i was outside with my bestfriend. we were outside when a red suv randomly appeared.out came 2 boys. (very attractive) somehow we just knew that we had to choose one so we made a choice and chose. we were supposed to go on a road trip with these boys but first a party was happening in my house. (ok that road trip something bad was suppose to happen, like a zombie apocalypse or something😐) so we walk in. and the party is going on. i’m over here getting something to drink while the guy my bestfriend chose is over here hitting on me. i got onto him and told him to go talk to her (so he did) i than proceeded to walk down the hall to see the hawt guy i chose lying on my bed. i looked to see my parents bedroom door was open but no one ins sight. i walked over and climbed on top of him and kissed him. and then i woke up (this is pt 2: i had 2 dreams i only remembered the first one half way through typing this)