Dream Gumbo

Date: 5/3/2019

By spartananomaly

I had a Dream where a young group of Chinese police were acting funny. I complemented one of them and said that he had a really cool hiding place for his car and that they’re getting better and better each year and he smiled. I remember I got a bunch of cars and I wanted to joy ride them. This was an old car that cold only go up to 80 km. and pulled me over them asked why I was piled over and I spoke with one of them face to face right in his face He said that I’ll be facing deportation from America to China and he checked with his contacts and I can teach English. I thought they were legit but I froze because now I thought they were fake police and I asked to see the their badge with they showed me with no problems. It looked fake but I had no choice. I freaked out and walked around this weird, constantly changing landscape and even told my mom that I was getting deported and she didn’t really seem like it mattered and I was ready to tell serena. A dream before that, I was on a bus with detectives and one of them had killed our friend and I was telling my friend next to me that I know who killed him and he said I KNOW. And he said that everyone knows. And we looked and him and he prettying self confessed and then threatened us and I challenged him to try it. Another dream I was in a dream like game where a monster was chasing me and I was really scared but I ended up closing all the doors. But someone opened one and he go to me again. I had another segment of a dream where my mom was talking about wanting to go to Pittsburgh to be a teacher again. My final dream was me in china with my friends and Serena and John Robey came to my front door in china with a smile and I greeted him with so much happiness. I invited him inside and we started preparing dinner. I was in him in the room smiling and said I can’t believe you’re in a china man! How did you come all the way here? Then he got a little sad and said that he was kicked out of his house and he was living with Clara and Tristan. I had a bunch of other crazy weird dreams. One was me sleeping on a mountain with Serena where we had super heavy rain and we woke up and it was nice. It was a video game like landscape. We were just on a bed in the mountains, so high up. We could’ve fallen down, but we didn’t. I had another dream where I was playing a video game within a dream where I was exploring a dungeon. I’m not sure where in particular I was playing this game, but it was on a laptop. In another segment of this dream, we had the air bender from avatar and I remember that we saw another one amongst a group of creepy guys performing a ritual on the top of the mountain. Then after saying a spell, the bald headed air bender looking guy turned around and one eye was a purple gem. He smiled a Cheshire Cat grin and tackled the air bender, who was actually a wizard, to the ground. Then the wizard said “you must be arachnid 🕷” and she said yes and turned into a monster and started shooting purple laser beams at him. The part that got weird was when the battle started, the wizards weapon was a long dick shooting jizz in first person 😂 WTF After this, I guess I woke up because I was so weirded out.