Date: 7/14/2017

By ;)

I dreamt that I drove to Fabios house and then once too meet up with some friends but once I got there I decided that I should head home to shower instead. I told them I would meet up with them late because they were going to go play Pokémon. When I went to go back to my car it was no longer there and had moved spots. I felt dumb running back to my car thinking I should know where I parked it. Then once I got in my car I realized that it had police lights on the top of it. My car had turned into an ambulance and as soon as I turned the keys the lights and siren started blaring. I immediately started driving worried someone was gonna come chase me down. I drove down the highway but throughout the whole thing there was more and more ambulances driving along side me. Finally I found the switch to turn off the siren, but then the highway turned into a tunnel but instead of a normal tunnel this one looked more like it had been made by some sort of animal. Once I came out through the side I was inside of a castle watching a movie about medieval knights. My girlfriend told me she was going to go grab some food and asked me to join her but before we left the dream ended.