dark room test and hill of guns

Date: 4/5/2017

By iwanttobelieve

I had to take a pretest for some reason where me and some ppl were in a dark room and something was gonna get us by surprise we just didn't know when and this room had 4 walls that I walked along sides of to keep track where I was going and I was just anticipating the sensation of pain and it was scary but I knew I had to be brave, then we supposedly passed and came to my reoccurring forest where the real test was and I guess predator from the movies was there and I noticed that the area where he was at was destroyed which made me have a bad feeling and I saw a hill of old rusting big guns from previous battles im assuming and one of my comrades walked on top of it not too far away from me and we all had these big guns as well and it felt like we were in the Aliens movies