Burning house/ suicide

Date: 1/27/2017

By jaiddreams00

Me, my mom, and my father(AARON) (whom is a bastard and doesn't live with us) were sitting on the couch. Him and me got into a argument because he was to close to my mom therefore I went into the kitchen and grabbed a knife and he followed me and grabbed one too, he said if I come near him he will hurt me, my mom was standing behind Aaron and I told her to choose between me or him after all I am her daughter and he's a piece of shit who cheated on her. But she chose him and therefore I started to slit my throat but was interrupted by the house going up in flames and the blast knocked us all down and I had only made it to cutting through half my throat so I wasn't dead even though I wanted to be... Then my mom grabs Aaron and leads him out of the burning house and leaves me to burn... And that's what I did I say across from myself and watched as my flesh slowly crisp and began to slowly slide off my bones....