canceling a wedding

Date: 3/27/2017

By dreamvan

I was getting ready for my wedding with Karen. it was only a day or two ahead. We were arranging the festivities in some kind of conservatory with big overhead windows and a spiral floor plan. There were some family members with us. we hadn't sent any invitations and suddenly we were worried that no one was going to show up. I decided to cancel the wedding because I'm gay anyway. what a relief! Then I was walking on a university campus talking to Trish, who was apparently gay too but had decided to have another baby. Then someone was showing me a photo album of Marian and Brenna, who were little girls. they had gone on a vacation to Brazil and stayed with the woman who was showing me these photos. I saw them playing with toys in a back yard. they were getting costumes ready for a festival. Brenna was more vividly visible. she had thick bobbed blonde hair the way it was when she was a little girl. her costume consisted of ragged red and blue cloth streamers like woody woodpecker feathers.