Take me to the F*** Hospital

Date: 2/18/2017

By Aunruh

The dream started at a house Id never been too. Somewhat big, alot of natural light coming in, painted white. I lived there with my boyfriend Sam. We were in the kitchen, which was pretty large, and we hear a car pull up. We go outside, and see Sandra in her white GMC truck, looking like she just rolled out of bed. She is there to warn me about this man that was coming to kill me, maybe related to Sam's ex-wife. We then look and see this beforementioned man pull up to the driveway at the side of the house with a bunch of other people. The driveway begins to fill with cars. The man takes a hammer and starts to try and take the house down. Sam and I go inside and the man follows us. He threatens me. Sam steps in the middle. My leg starts to fucking hurt, in a spot above my knee to the left. I told Sam about it, but with everything going on with the man, he was distracted. It slowly started to get worst, and when I looked down I saw that where the spot hurt there was a bump and it was growing, like a smooth stick of skin coming out of my leg. I was afraid that if it kept growing it would stretch my skin so much it would rip. But gladly it stopped. I showed Sam and he thought it looked like a dick on my leg. Anyway, finally we leave the house, Sam told me we had to go through Lafayette Highschool because the Sentara hospital was attached to it. At the Highschool we were going up some escalators and s bunch of girls tried to push past, and they had bad attitudes. I was getting aggravated because of this thing on my leg. I ended up accidently pushing one from behind me and they tumbled down the escalator. We finally reach the hospital and I dont remember how but it was cut off, and in its place was a bad whole, and white puss was coming out.