ex boyfriends and animals?

Date: 5/1/2017

By xox_lissie_xox

i was walking with my friends in my ptimary school then everyone was yelling at me so i ran off and so did pther people then i find my self climbing into the head teachers/offices room which was a classroom when I went there. then I'm out of the offices and walking to catch up to my friends (chloe, sapna) (also this was on a uni style campus so idk 😂) and this guy says hey Melissa I say hi? he says I'm max and Connor (my ex) told me to tell you that if he wins the game if you break up he will hate you forever. then I jump and I float down! then I'm in the water playing a video game. like I'm the video game character!!! then I'm not and I can see my remote. then a completely different setting, I was drowning (first person POV) then two men came and helped me (now like a long POV so I could see everything happening also I'm man in this dream. when I'm defiantly a woman in real life!) then we are walking down stairs and there are 7 baby black swans on the stairs so I start laughing talking about how I seen 11 marks, 7 swans, 4 cats ect then as I walk in the guys aren't helping me anymore they are just going to the toilet (thank god my mind didnt turn them around.) then I see a horse in one of the stalls. the swans come in (which I keep calling ducks and the woman who came in with them sends them all out. then I woke up (literally)