accepting death

Date: 1/20/2017

By BreeM0114

I woke up feeling weak on a cushiony bed in an empty dark room with no windows to see a woman telling me that I am dying and I have until my body temperature hits 75 degrees and that it is now 87 degrees. she tells me that I need to find somebody to accompany me in my death but tell no one else. However, Instead of trying to find someone, I try to figure out why or what happened that caused me to be dying. I went to ask some of my family members what might have happened that night but didn't find any important information. i started looking for my boyfriend to accompany me but was unsuccessful in finding him. The lady popped up again to tell me I had 7 more degrees and that it was time to follow her. we ended up in this empty room with a couple of chairs for the people witnessing my death and in the middle was this dentist like chair with red cushiony fabric. As I'm heading toward the chair she tells me that she managed to find someone to hold my hand during this process and I was disappointed that it wasn't my boyfriend but still followed her instructions to the chair. as I was laying in the chair with this random guy holding my hand, another cushion behind the head of chair starts to fold over my head to stop me from breathing. As it gets harder to breathe I start to tilt my head to the side in an effort to get more air but eventually suffocate peacefully and die. Once i died i actually woke up.